Feeling the brand

Luxury surprise fashion gift box service Treat Me Box set an interesting brief; to persuade the public to part with their hard earned cash every month in exchange for personal gifts that they weren’t able to see until they’d been delivered. To do this, the brand needed to evoke powerful emotions – enough to trigger a release of dopamine and endorphins to lower stress and feel more creative and relaxed. We can do this with the right branding stimuli such as colours, textures, visuals, and light.

When defining a brand stimuli, using a swatch is of utmost importance. A swatch represents a visual representation of the brand’s color palette and plays a vital role in establishing a consistent and recognisable visual identity. The choice of colors in a swatch can evoke specific emotions, communicate brand values, and create a distinct personality for the brand.

Getting you in the mood

A carefully curated collection of images can visually communicate the desired emotions, values, and personality of a brand. Each image in the mood board serves as a stimulus, triggering specific emotional responses and associations in the minds of consumers. Whether it’s vibrant colors to convey energy and excitement or serene landscapes to evoke a sense of calmness, the mood board acts as a visual guide for designers, marketers, and content creators.

By tapping into the power of imagery, Treat Me Box established a consistent and impactful visual language that would resonate with their target audience, strengthening brand loyalty and leaving a lasting impression. Through a well-crafted image mood board, Treat Me Box can effectively harness the influence of visual stimuli to create a memorable and emotive brand experience.

Loving yourself

Humans treat themselves for various reasons, ranging from seeking pleasure and indulgence to self-care and reward. Treating yourself can be a way to celebrate achievements, relieve stress, or simply enhance overall well-being. It serves as a form of self-gratification and can provide a temporary escape from the demands and pressures of everyday life.

We used visually appealing imagery and packaging to entice new consumers. Aesthetically pleasing presentations triggered a desire for the treat, making it hard to resist. The use of high-quality visuals evoked desire and made the treat seem more luxurious and desirable.


Sending products to the media (such as Her Canberra) can often generate much needed pre-soft launch coverage, especially if they decide to review them on a public forum. When journalists endorse your products through their reviews or mentions, it lends credibility and builds trust among consumers. Positive reviews from trusted sources can help establish your brand as reputable, reliable, and worth considering, boosting your brand’s reputation and perception.

Many journalists also have a significant social media following or a strong online presence. If they are impressed, they may share their experience with their audience, generating additional exposure and potentially reaching new customers. This influencer engagement can amplify your brand’s visibility and generate buzz.

“I can definitely say that my box did feel as though my best friend had picked items out for me! I received the box and wore every item the same day to an event with my husband. Not only did everything fit and coordinate perfectly, but it was also an extension of my style.”

Bronwen Stead

Her Canberra

Brand Strategy

The Brand Strategy aligned messaging, targeted the right audience, and shapeed perception, fostering emotional connections for successful experiences.

Personality Quiz

We boosted sales by engaging customers, tailoring recommendations, and driving personalised product choices, maximising conversion rates and customer satisfaction.

Website Design and Development

The website’s seamless user experience boosted sales and increased product visibility, driving high conversion rates and customer engagement.

“You know when you are shopping and you have a really great sales assistant who encourages you to [sic] try something different than what you would usually pick up? And it turns out it looks better on you than the items you originally grabbed? Treat Me Box was just like that and is a service I will definitely be using again!”

Bronwen Stead

Her Canberra

Let’s Make Things Happen

Jay Fletcher

Marketing Strategist

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