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When I asked Tammy which musical artists were the inspiration for her sound; she replied promptly and with assertion.  “Bic Runga, Regina Spektor, Clare Bowditch, Lisa Mitchell, and Sarah Blasko”.  Those were some huge boots to fill. But spending some time with her lyrics and tone, I was confident that Tammy has something very special to share with the world. I was certain we would be able to make some waves in the music industry.

Psychographic research methods

Tammy describes listening to her sound as a salve for the sensitive souls, for the over-thinkers and the slightly chipped, living everyday miracles and tragedies. She wants her beautiful melodies to linger in your head for days. This conjured up explicit themes that could be ported over to her brand identity.

Psychographics is qualitative data based on the psychological and cognitive attributes of a consumer; their beliefs, values, and goals. Understanding Tammy’s unique music style enabled me to define her key target markets and position her branding to appeal to these segmentations. This process was pivotal to the increasing the EP’s exposure.

Tammy’s image demanded the creation of a juxtaposition between her evocative, cerebral lyrics and the chipped, sensitive, and over-thinking archetypes that would consume her sounds.  I had an artistic vision of Tammy caught between natural light and deep dark shadows. By gently holding her acoustic guitar against a melancholic background of urban decay, we could create a cathartic blend that would reflect the unique qualities of her music.


radio stations

responded to Tammy’s electronic press kit and played her EP live.


photographs taken

in three pre-selected locations over a seven hour photo-shoot.


plays per song

on the Spotify streaming platform alone.

“Very excited to let you all know my EP ‘We’re not okay’ is out on all streaming platforms Friday 12 November. This has been a long time coming and for ages I found the thought of releasing music really terrifying, even though it was what I really wanted to do. But there comes a time when the need to do the thing is greater than the fear of doing the thing.

5th of November
Tammy Pinto Singer/Songwriter

Defining Tammy Pinto

Tammy defined some loose goals for the project: to create a brand identity and launch her first EP, while obtaining as much exposure as possible. As with many singer/songwriter debuts, it was imperative that this was achieved on a shoe-string budget. We agreed to work together over six key areas.

  • Imagery and branding

  • Clothing and style

  • Seven-hour photo shoot in three locations

  • Social media tiles and streaming platform profiles

  • EP cover art

  • Website design and development

“The photography had to capture an ephemeral moment in time. A moment that made listening to Tammy’s songs feel like they were written and sung just for you.”

To capture the essence of her music, we embarked on an extensive seven-hour photo shoot across several themed locations. We began the photo shoot amongst urban decay, where the crumbling walls, weathered textures, and abandoned spaces of a burnt-out space observatory beautifully mirrored the raw and honest nature of Tammy’s music. These gritty and edgy environments exuded a sense of vulnerability and authenticity, aligning perfectly with the emotional depth found within her lyrics.

Resonating Tammy's music through the ruins of Mt Stromlo's burnt-out space observatory

Next, we ventured into nature-themed locations, where the serene beauty of the natural world provided a striking contrast to the urban decay. Surrounded by lush landscapes, vibrant flora, and picturesque scenery, Tammy’s presence among nature created a powerful visual representation of the themes of growth, introspection, and the healing power of music that resonated within her songs.

Lastly, we immersed ourselves in the vibrant world of graffiti, as we explored Canberra’s art filled lane-ways. The colorful and expressive murals and urban artwork served as the perfect canvas to capture the essence of Tammy’s music. Each street art piece had its own unique story, conveying a sense of creativity and artistic expression that harmonised with the spirit of her songs.

EP Cover Design

In collaboration with a local artist, the EP cover art was carefully conceptualised and designed to visually convey the intimate and personal connection that her songs evoke.

Social Media Tiles

I designed eye-catching social media tiles that would resonate with Tammy’s listeners and encourage them to explore her music.

Streaming Platform Profiles

I created compelling music streaming profiles to help Tammy amplify her presence.

Exposure and airtime

As the highly anticipated launch day approached, Tammy prepared and distributed her Press Kit to various media outlets. The response from the media generated  an instantaneous buzz. Her music seemed to resonate well with radio stations across Australia, resulting in her EP receiving live airplay on not just one or two, but an incredible total of six radio stations. The captivating soundscapes created by Tammy also caught the attention of local news outlets, such as Her Canberra, who featured her EP in their online publication. The media exposure served as a powerful catalyst, as with each play and every mention, Tammy’s artistic journey blossomed, showcasing her undeniable talent to an ever-growing audience.

“IT’S RELEASE DAY and my EP is now on @spotify @bandcamp @applemusic @deezer @youtubemusic @triplejunearthed, and all other major streaming platforms”

12th of November
Tammy Pinto Singer/Songwriter

On Friday 12th November, through the power of digital distribution, her enchanting melodies and heartfelt words became accessible to a global audience, paving the way for connections to be forged, emotions to be stirred, and a profound impact to be made in the realm of music appreciation. Tammy’s EP made its way onto all major streaming services, including renowned platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and the esteemed Triple J Unearthed.

Growing interest and positive reception

The media exposure Tammy received for her EP began to show its impact, as a growing number of individuals took the time to listen to her music. To date, the songs on Tammy’s EP have garnered a remarkable 3000 plays each on Spotify alone, a testament to the growing interest and positive reception. Encouraged by this response, Tammy is now back in the recording studio, channeling her creativity and talent into new and exciting sounds. With plans to repeat this success in the near future, Tammy is poised to captivate audiences once again and continue her journey as a promising up-coming artist.

“It’s a title that chimes with the current era and reflects on the day-to-day emotional and existential vagaries of life”

12th of November
Neve Hawkins – Her Canberra

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