Here’s a wrap of the marketing news from week 23 of 2023.


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Let’s start with some updates from Billson’s Brewery. After their recent packaging breach targeting minors, they have taken proactive measures by redesigning the packaging of their vodka-based drinks. As part of these changes, Tropical Punch has been transformed into Tropical, Fruit Tangle is now known simply as Tangle, Grape Bubblegum has taken on the name Grape Burst, and Rainbow Sherbet has been re-imagined as Retro Fizz.

In uplifting news for marketing professionals, data from recruitment agency Aspire reveals some impressive salary increases. Senior marketing managers experienced an average salary rise of 15.4% between April 2022 and April 2023, while marketing directors and heads of marketing saw a notable increase of 11.1% during the same period. These raises surpass the rate of inflation, offering a positive outlook for those in the marketing field.

On another note, Aldi’s UK marketing director, Adam Zavalis, has bid farewell to the supermarket after nearly three years of dedicated service. He joins the ranks of the third senior marketer to depart from the discounter this year. While we are yet to learn about Zavalis’ next career move, I extend our best wishes for his future endeavors.

In a promising trend, travel content has made a strong comeback, as evidenced by Ipsos Iris. The month of April alone witnessed nearly 17 million visitors engaging with relevant travel apps and websites. It’s interesting to note that people aged 25 to 39 emerged as the largest group showing interest in online travel content, while individuals over 55 spent more time exploring these digital platforms.

Additionally, the report highlights a decline of 7.8% per month in search engine usage, accompanied by a significant increase of 2 hours in social media usage. On average, individuals now spend a total of 55 hours per month on social media platforms. These findings align with GWI’s 2023 consumer trends report, which predicted a shift among Gen Z from Google Search to TikTok.

And with that, we conclude your marketing news wrap for week 23. Stay tuned for more updates in the future!

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